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Archive for June 2019

Motorcycle Courses in the Valley

ABATE of Alaska is made up of individuals from different backgrounds & political views coming together to ensure that the motorcycle enthusiast lifestyle will always be enjoyable for ourselves and future generations. We accomplish this by providing the Education Program. ABATE of Alaska has been proudly offering motorcycle riding classes since 1991 and trained over 16,000 people. These Motorcycle Courses train riders of different skill levels to ride defensively and safely on Alaskan roads. Click Above to grab a $20 Discount Coupon. Upon successful completion of one of our motorcycle courses – a completion card is issued that is accepted by DMV to waive further testing and receive your motorcycle endorsement. ABATE is also authorized by DMV to administer the state’s endorsement test for those riders who do not wish to take a safety course.

Motorcycle Courses

ABATE of Alaska’s mission is to educate Alaska about our motorcycle community and training Alaska’s motorcycle community. We do this by ensuring that the motorcyclists’ point of view is presented to our legislators, both here in Alaska & in the federal government. We seek to join together Alaska’s motorcycle community in an effort to work towards realistic legislation that ensures safety and freedom of our public roads, provide motorcycle awareness and safety programs to the general public as well as promote the enjoyment of motorcycling in general.

ABATE strongly believes in individual freedom and protecting our rights to ride by working within the legislative and regulatory process. Our goal is to keep motorcycling free from unjust and unwarranted laws and to promote those that benefit motorcyclists. ABATE believes that a safer rider is more beneficial than a “safer crash”…In other words “Education, not legislation”

Please visit the Valley ABATE Facebook Page or contact us anytime via our contact page if you have any questions.