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Archive for March 2020

Riding Classes are delayed and planned to resume in May.

Stay Safe and Healthy! Riding season will be a blast this year! However, Riding Classes delay and plans to resume in May. Please try to stay healthy and safe during this coronavirus pandemic. The delay is due to the concern for public health and safety. The unexpected and unprecedented coronavirus Pandemic crisis has made it difficult for normal activities for awhile.

riding classes

We are passionate about giving you the skills to enjoy the ride in safety and confidence. Our number one goal is to teach you the skills needed to operate your motorcycle safely and confidently, to teach advanced risk management techniques that are effective not only in operating a motorcycle, but in everyday driving conditions, and instilling a lifelong love and passion for the sport of motorcycling

Upon completion of the Basic Riders Course riders will be allowed to waive the written and road test at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Your completion card must be presented to the Department of Motor Vehicles to receive your Motorcycle Endorsement.

We look forward to starting up classes again as soon as possible and we hope to see you there with us. Meanwhile be sure to register for the next riding classes. Stay safe!