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Valley ABATE Application for Membership

Please complete this application. Then click Print on your browser to print the form. Then press the “Send” button. Finally, sign the printed application, and send with check or money order to:

Valley ABATE
PO Box 1224
Palmer, Alaska 99645



Please read and understand the following agreement and sign below:

By signing this application, I agree to waive any and all claims against Valley ABATE, it’s officers, board members and general members for any personal or property loss or damage which may occur as a result of my participation in ABATE functions. I understand that ABATE cannot and will not assume responsibility for my safety and that if I participate in any ABATE sponsored ride or event, I do so voluntarily, and I assume all risks and I release and hold ABATE harmless for any personal injury or damage which may occur as a result of my own or my guests participation in any ABATE sponsored event and I agree to reimburse ABATE for any and all losses it may suffer as a result therefrom.


Member Signature:______________________ Date:___________________ Amount Enclosed:_____________


Application must be signed!