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Motorcycle Class – Abate sponsored Starts Soon

Riding season will be a blast this year! The new season of motorcycle class abate are underway. We recommend that all riders take a formal motorcycle class, as studies have indicated that 90% of crash-involved riders are self-taught. Classes are provided by Valley ABATE, a Motorcycle Safety Foundation recognized training provider.

motorcycle class abate

Ride free of impairment and make certain you are properly licensed to operate a motorcycle. Our goal is to keep motorcycling free from unjust and unwarranted laws and to promote those that benefit motorcyclists.

The Basic Riders class (BRC) consists of 5 hours of classroom study, and 10 hours of riding time. Riders learn the basic fundamentals of motorcycle riding, risk awareness and management, cornering, braking, and swerving skills. There is a knowledge and skills test to complete this course and receive a completion card. Motorcycles are provided for each student. Riding is done on a closed course.

We invite you to attend one of our events and just have a good time with some good people. For more information about our rider education or to sign up for classes today Click Here.

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  • Andy G.

    This class is a great idea if you want to ride safer.