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Rider Safety Classes Before the End of Riding Season

We are passionate about giving you the skills with our motorcycle rider safety classes to enjoy the ride in safety and confidence. Our number one goal is to teach you the techniques needed to operate your motorcycle safely and confidently. Also to teach advanced risk management techniques that are effective not only in operating a motorcycle, but in everyday driving conditions, and instilling a lifelong love and passion for the sport of motorcycling.

rider safety

Education is important for everyone whether they’ve been riding for decades or are just considering purchasing a motorcycle. Of course the course can’t stop all accidents and injuries – but many people come back and say they’ve avoided crashes because of the class.

We invite you to attend one of our events and just have a good time with some good people. For more information about our rider education or to sign up for classes today Click Here.

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  • Justin F.

    I loved the rider course! Thank you.